The Ophanage (El Orfanato) (2007)


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Starring: Belen Rueda, Fernando Cayo

The film is set in Spain, and is in Spanish with subtitles. It it presented by Guillermo Del Toro, the person responsible for the remarkable ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’.

It follows the story of a woman, Laura who after 30 years returns to the orphanage where she grew up with her husband and son Simon. Their plan is to re-open the dilapidated building as a home for disabled children.

A new world is opened up within the young boys imagination and increasingly strange things start to happen.

I know some people are put off by subtitled films, but you miss gems like this. This is an amazing film and very well made. Full of haunting scenes that will genuinely chill you to the bone. It is a unique tale and despite its creepiness is both beautiful and moving throughout. This is a truly superior ghost story for modern times.

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Writer: Sergio G.Sanchez

Buy The Orphanage (Blu-Ray) from
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