The Hangover (2009)

I went to alton towers on the weekend and after going crazy on Nemisis and Air (the ride that lets you fly in the sky) me and my friends went along to Showcase Derby to watch The Hangover. Having only been told that its “the film with Mike Tyson punching the guy”, I didnt have much to go on. Personally, I thought the film sucked. The big screen opens to a guy on the phone (who we later find out is the main characters best friend) telling a beautiful bride to be that her wedding doesnt look like its going to happen…becuase they have lost the groom.


Directed by Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Starsky & Hutch), The Hangover is a grown up teen flick that focuses on a the misterious debauchery of a teacher, a “doctor”, a miss fit brother and the groom. With the groom being absent for the majority of the film, we follow the three remaining associates as they try and piece together an evening that has left them with a baby, a tiger, and a stolen police car. Mildy funny every now and then, the film dissapoints with its lack of originality and basic focus on stereotypical male behaviour. Given his previous work, I think Todd has lost his edge slightly with this one.

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