The Green Hornet Review

Everyone dreams to be a hero, let’s try something different, let’s be villans acting like heroes! That’s what The Green Hornet and his Japanese side-kick (with no name, as of yet) is all about.

Seth Rogen stars, in his annoying ways, as Britt Reid, an heir of The Daily Sentinal, a newspaper firm own by his dad who dies in the beginning of the film. He befriends his dads mechanic, Kato (Jay Chou), a super genius with motors, and a high-flying martial arts expert. Britts a careless and spoilt rich guy who has some hatred for his dad, this makes him rip off the head of the newly built statue that was erected as a memorial, all in the name of fun. Whilst running with the head he see’s a couple being mugged by thugs, seeing this the side-kick shows off his karate skills. From this springs the idea of becoming super-heroes, but due to the police chasing them, they decide to be super-heroes under the guise as villains.

Personally, although he brought some humour, even a slightly slimmer Seth Rogen annoyed the hell out of me. If that’s what his character was meant to do, then fair play, he did a tremendous job of it. He got me laughing, which is fair enough, he is a good comedy actor, but after laughing a bit, he turns annoying. To be frank, not even a super-hero role like this suits him. Jay Chou reminded me of John Cho, I could’ve sworn they were brothers, are they? I actually haven’t looked it up! Cameron Diaz plays Lenore Case, Britt’s newly appointed “old” secretary, not one of her best performances, seemed a bit out of character for her, just didn’t fit the role for me.

I’m not a fan of 3D films, and I’m still not. The actions scenes were great, but would’ve probably been better on a normal screen. Speaking of action scenes, I really did enjoy some of the cinematography, some fight scenes, and the cars! The car(s) were “vroomtastic”.

Overall, not a kick-ass action film with an in-depth story line, like I hoped. But, worth a watch anyhow, if you don’t or can’t for some earthly reason, you’re not missing out on much!

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