The Best Foodie Movies and What to Eat While Watching

Ratatouille is a lighthearted pixar animation flick about a rat who dreams of cooking at the finest restaurant in Paris. Remy the rat partners up the Alfredo Linguini, a kitchen hand who can’t cook to save his life, to form a rather interesting team that whips up some astonishingly delicious French dishes while battling against the conniving owner who attempts to sabotage Linguini’s questionable new talent. Food Recommendations: Popcorn all the way. The film is cute, heartwarming and a modern classic so pair it with a classic movie snack. To give it a gourmet twist, toss the hot popped popcorn with some chopped rosemary, olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese. Remy would be impressed.

Mostly Martha is a German romantic comedy about the master chef at a gourmet restaurant and her frustration with balancing her ambitions with her unhealthy worklife balance. When she becomes the sole guardian of her sister’s young daughter, she struggles to confront the fact that life doesn’t always follow a recipe. Meanwhile opposites are beginning to attract as Martha begins to developing a romantic interest in the unconventional and silly souschef Mario. The film later inspired the American version No Reservations. Food Recommendations: support the fun loving Italian chef Mario as he tries to win the affection of Martha attempting to get her to loosen up a bit and enjoy all the uncertainties in life by ordering takeaways online from your local pizzeria and cosying up on the couch with someone special.

Chocolate is a romantic tale featuring the sensuality of cocoa and its mesmerizing qualities. The film transports you to a small French village where mysterious Vianne Rocher shakes things up by opening a chocolate shop, encouraging the pious locals to indulge in some earthly pleasures by consuming chocolate and other sweet things that awaken the senses. Cute, sentimental and beautiful, if you haven’t seen Chocolate it’s worth taking some time to indulge yourself in this romantic film. Food Recommendations: What would a movie about the hypnotising qualities of chocolate be with a box of rich and creamy truffles beside you? Grab a box of mixed chocolates and tantalise your palate with an array of complex chocolatey flavours.

Julia & Julia features Meryl Streep and Amy McAdams starring as two distant Julias following similar paths in their own cooking adventures. The former outlines Julia Child’s struggles as a woman learning to cook in a Frenchman’s world, while the latter Julia tries to save her sanity through culinary exploration inspired by Child. With brilliant performances by both actresses, the film is inspiring and might just make you want to get in the kitchen and create your own edible destiny. Food Recommendations: Lay out a few nice French cheeses like Roquefort or Comté and plain crackers with a bottle of red wine to celebrate Julia’s journey while embracing your French side.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: this 2011 documentary follows Jiro Ono in his quest to perfect the art of sushi while guiding his sons to become sushi experts themselves. Jiro is already a sushi master in Japan and is even considered to the the best sushi chef in the world, but the 85 year old isn’t content with that. It’s an fascinating documentary that dives into his sushicoloured world, following him through the kitchen preparing some of the world’s tastiest sushi. Food Recommendations: Skip the sushi on this on because it might remind you that you’re in fact not eating some of the world’s best. Instead, prepare yourself a Japanese snack with rice crackers, wasabi peas or any of your favourite Japanese treats.

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