The Absent One Review

A1Department Q is back and after their success, Carl and Assad have been inundated with empty cases. When the suicide of a murder detective opens up a old case it brings a chance for redemption. A murder that involved his two children while studying at a top private school and some of societies elites. The mystery becomes more complex when it is found to relate to a missing girl, Kimmie, who had a troubled life at the school, a multi millionaire with many friends and many of the heads of the police itself.

A2The first episode of this Nordic Noir, The Keeper of lost causes established many important things. It had two very good leads that had chemistry and character. The film was directed with a tone of televisuality but still had cinematic moments and the story was tightly plotted and well executed. I will admit I was impressed and a little delighted at a film which had its roots in television but made something new and interesting from a canvas that had been painted over very many times.

A3The Absent One comes on the back of this and had much to do to live up to the originals promise. We expected convention but hoped at least that the same skill would be present here. Sadly it has failed in all cases bar one. The chemistry is still there between the two leads and is great to watch. However the film is more visually restrained and obsessed with shallow focus. This makers it television and dull television at that. Then we have the weak plot that doesn’t hold up to the challenge of two hours. It has no depth or space to allow for growth. It is stereotype heavy and seems obsessed with sadistic violence for the sake of excitement. Not as in great films of this ilk, to challenge and subvert but more so because it needs to fill the time and keep the audience watching. Sad really I really liked the first part and would say to you, watch that and skip this…

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