The other day, I was asked if I ever considered the future. Of course I do. It is something that fixes me with its ever present assault on my life and my finances. Then I was asked, did I ever consider doing a reading of the future? I wondered about this for a time. In truth I do not believe cards, tea leaves or hands can ever inform us of the reality of our future. This person suggested I try to explore the reality of how good they felt readings of the future were. They suggested I speak to a teller and I agreed. Thankfully, I didn’t need to travel to a tent and sit with a table adorned by a crystal ball (troupes and stereotypes I know!) instead Laurence King came to my aid. They agreed that I also needed a reading and have tried to persuade me that the most effective way was with a copy of TAROT FOR ALL AGES. The game, if we could call it that, works like this. You can attempt a one person or joint group reading. You have a set of 55 cards. Shuffle them and then draw a certain number for a certain type of read. One at a time, you turn over the cards and using a very helpful book contained within, read your future.

Right. Well the reading was efficient enough but you do  not care about that. What you want is answers to four questions. What is the quality? Does it fit the audience? Is it worth your time? Does it work?


The cards are well weighted. With a weaved texture. Split into five distinct groups, Major Arcana, Minor Arcana (Swords, Cups, wands and Pentacles).  The image quality of all cards differ slightly but all hold to a magical element. Excelling in easy translation and lean toward a dream like realism. I quiet liked the series of Major Arcana epically. It gives the reader a feel for the magnetism toward Tarot. The guide book is another thing. Well written, easy to digest and quality produced. I cant say I bought all the ins and outs of the Tarot world but it is well established and defined here.


Children, Adults and those in-between, will certainly like the ideas behind the set. They can at least make head and tail of the whole without having to then delineate the more Tran substantive elements of the Tarot lexicon.


This is a harder sell. I did not expect to take much from it but I did in the end get to a point where I understood why people are drawn to the power and potency of the whole. This will draw in kids as a fun use of time and some adults as it looks good. Outside of that I cant really say.


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