Surveillance (2008)


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Starring: Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond

Now i’ll admit, what attracted me to this movie was the directors surname… Lynch. Jennifer Lynch is the daughter of the legendary David Lynch – who is responsible for some of the greatest tv and movie moments of all time. Some of his highlights include ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘Blue Velvet’. All very dark but true artistic masterpieces. So i thought to myself, if her father is anything to go by, then Surveillance is worth a watch.

It is typically a dark tale as you would expect. It is set in a deserty town near Santa Fe. After a few brutal murders the local police are out of their comfort zone. Until now they have taken to shooting out tourists tyres and accusing them of speeding to pass the time.

Enter the tough FBI agents, Sam Hallaway and Anderson. Its an engrossing film with an interesting concept and some quite violent scenes.

The main characters pull off very good performances. Bill Pullman as Agent Sam Hallaway is as ever, excellent… he never seems to get enough work!

There is a big plot twist, apparently but to be honest if you’re even slightly on your game, you will get it pretty early on.

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Writer: Kent Harper, Jennifer Chambers Lynch

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