SIMPLY PHILOSOPHY. From DK Simply Explained range, has seemingly intrigued you, dear reader. You have wondered at it when in you local bookshop or browsing the internet. You, like many, have been asking the deeper questions after being held in a holding pattern, a stasis field, for a year. The title seems friendly. It suggests that something complex, Philosophy, well will be simplified for those who are less versed in the heavy wording of those reaching for a resolution to the what, the why, the when.

Thanks to Dorling Kindersley, we have been able to find out for you. There were four common questions we have seen. Does it have the answers? Does it make it too simple? Can I read it and get a grip on the subject and finally, will it benefit me if I know some stuff already? Here are the answers. Yes, the answers are within for the who, what, when and why. Detailed simply enough to make the point but also telling you where it fits and why it is important. All with a visually pleasing and engaging image cycle.

Well does it make it too simple? In a word. No. Drawing out topics just enough to give insight. Points bold and with an ability to type into google and ask wiki for more detail. Can I read it and get a grip on the subject? Totally yes. The groundwork and foundations of the subject are there. Discourses about being, identity, meaning, human place and time are all on courses for the subject and the benefit of knowing this, outweighs not being exposed to this.

Will it benefit me if I know some stuff already? This is harder to answer. I personally think its tough to say, if you know something, you will gain much from this simplified version of philosophy. I did find value but it was limited to the earlier, less explored regions of the discipline. If you bought the bigger, broader Philosophy book from DK, then think a compact, version of that. It lacks the examples in that series but makes up for it with condensed theoretical ideas.

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