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The dream of digging for treasure and finding it, probably has captured the imagination of many a child. Now thanks to SILVER AND GOLD, you could well be on your way to discovering unexpected rewards. A cache of gold coins, a buried treasure filled with material wealth and maybe a sliver of fame for your trouble. In this card game, players  compete in a battle of collection and completion. They will have to use their wits and their logic to maximise the treasure and minimise the losses. Though just to be perfectly honest. you most likely will not find real treasure. Just to warn you. But you already know this.

Inside the is 4 sets of cards. A player card (4 in total, So as you might have guessed this is a maximum four player or four team game.) Then you have a central master sheet or round sheet to note rounds and prizes. A whole bunch of varied scoring treasure cards from high purple to low grey, a card set of blocks that are like Tetris shapes and a set of 4 pens. Then finally a rule book that covers every European language. Helpful for the varied world we live in and the joy of playing a game with friends of all and many ilk.


First lay the Round card in the middle of the table. Each player gets a player card. This has a chart of gold coins (you need for to score a set point on the master sheet.), a palm tree calculator and card and bonus score log. Now draw four cards from the treasure cards, these are dwindled down to two cards by players. The rest returned to the pack. Shuffle it and then draw four cards. These that lay in a line are called the displayed cards.  Next to this keep the Tetris block cards (they are not called this but its easy and translatable to you.

Once this is all done, players are given the wipe clean marker pen and off they go. Turn over the first block cards and you mark on you sheet this. You must remember that if your card has an X on it, you can now use this mark another block on either card. If you tick a coin, then on your master sheet tick one. Get four and you then score the cup value on the round card that has not been marked off. Finally, if you tick off a palm tree, then you score this plus the number of palm trees on the four displayed cards. Now once all squares on a card are marked, remove that card and you will score the value on the top left at the end of the game. Now once players have finished turning over 7 of the 8 Tetris cards, you mark off a round and reshuffle cards and go again. After the 4th round, the game ends. The end game is simple. Players set about calculating all the cards, coins and palm trees on their master card.


Well there is a lot to like in SILVER AND GOLD. Its easily tangible, well paced (games last about 20 minutes), varied experiences over the course (we played 11 plays and the card dispersal was varied). We did also like that this spread allows for a lot of the game to be complex and that lets you use your wits.


The marker pens are a pain. Cards also. Wipe clean surfaces can become a hazard. The rules are not clear about points on the Palm trees. You will probably huff as in them,  the explanation is weak and you will have to search online for an answer (we give it above).


Much to enjoy. Much to admire. A game that will certainly go the distance for a holiday but not for a lifetime of play.

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