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I’ve not actually come across anybody that doesn’t like Patric Swayze. There has been much written about him this week and its a testament to the man himself and the Patrick Swayze biography doesn’t include that many hits. the ones that were hits were great fims, but there were thin on the ground, so i thought i’d give a brief run down here:


Dirty Dancing (1987):
This was the film that set Patrick on the way to major success. Its the story of a young girl, known as “Baby” who goes on holiday with her family to a holiday camp. The family are very strict and maintain a strong grip over Baby. She rebels and forms a friendship with the camps dance instructor – Johnny Castle (Patric Swayze). The general impression of Johnny is unfavourable and she is forbidden from seeing him. Not that she adheres to that. In essence it is a coming of age/sexual awakening drama. Everyone remembers the amazing scene at the end when Johnny returns and dances with Baby in front of everybody, pulling off the moves that have been learning in secret. Good drama and it set Swayze up as a pin up for middle aged women everywhere. I’ve no doubt that Dirty Dancing videos are probably selling like hot cakes at the moment.
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Ghost (1990):
Patrick co-starred in Ghost with Demi Moore, when both of them were in their heydey. Its a very sad story but is presented with class, romance and comedy. After being out on a date one night, Sam (Swayze) and girlfirend Molly (Moore) are attacked and mugged on the way home. Sam is killed during the scuffle and dies in Molly’s arms. Initially he doesn’t realise that he is now a ghost and no longer in the physical world. He then uncovers the truth that it was not an accident after all, the attack was planned and so he must try to get the message from the afterlife to warn Molly that she’s in danger. He does this by going to a psychic Oda Mae Brown, played excellently by Whoopi Goldberg. Its very sad but well made and a nice one to watch cuddled up with the mrs.
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Point Break (1991):
My personal favourite of Swayze’s films. He co-stars with Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey. In Los Angeles during the early 90’s there are a string of bank robberies being committed by a group calling them the ex-presidents. They are believed to be a gang of surfers and so the FBI send in Johnny Utah (Reeves) in infiltrate the gang and get to the bottom of it. Its your classic undercover cop film but its all good fun. Well worth checking out!
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