The idea of a party game can be something distinctly different to many. For those who develop them or design and deliver them, it is simple enough. They are created to make everyone present at an event, get involved and play. Sometimes for fun and others for a shared sense of playful competition. The best, allow for shared excitement, keep energy consistent and allow a varied bunch of people to get involved. The worst are lazy, dull and force people to witter away time, needlessly with it dragging on. PASS THE BOMB falls squarely into the former.


PASS THE BOMB is a word game. Suitable for players aged 10 and over, 2-12 players and plays for 30 minutes. You get three letters, which are either on a white side, with black lettering or a black side on white lettering where everyone must create a word. Then you get the twist. A black bomb with fuse (not real), which ticks away on a varied timer scale and explodes (well makes a sound of such).


Players can be in teams or split into singular persons. They take out the dice and bomb. You shuffle the 55 cards in the box and draw 13 from it. The rest go back in the box. You then roll a dice with three separate sides to determine what will happen to the three letter that make up words (one means you cant have the word at the end, another it can go anywhere and a third means players cant use it at the start.) You then press the bomb to activate the fuse, turn over the top of the 13 cards and start saying words. Once a player has said a word (that is not contested), they pass the bomb to the next player. The next player then does the same and so on and so forth until. BOOM! The player holding the bomb here loses. Some play this as a knockout, others score it.

What works well for PASS THE BOMB?

The best part of the game is the process of play. The mechanics are smooth and untroubled. There were some disputes but players, once in the flow, got into it. The game benefits from a scoring system but the knockout option gains a level of hostile play that can be a little toxic. That said the ease of the game made it fun either way.

What did not work so well PASS THE BOMB?

The only gripe is the lack of clarity in words. The rule page, demotes vocab and terms but it is tough to refer when a bomb is burning down to explode.


A fun, if not limited game for families, friends and summer evenings. It will take some mastering but it will be a solid addition and replayed in many different gatherings.

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