Out in the Open Graphic novel review

Adapted from Jesus Carrasco novel, this is a future revenge thriller with bite. A young boy flees with his life from a village controlled by a menacing sheriff. The rule of the mob over rides the rule of law, which means many have been imprisoned and abused for the sheriffs delight. The young boy flees across an inhospitable desert, with dust and fire rocking it to the core. When he happens across a lonely goat herd, his life will change forever. Fast friends and fierce allies, they shall resolve to set right everything that has gone wrong…

Jesus Carrasco wrote the source novel in 2016. It was at the time considered a powerhouse of modern science fiction literature. Using the ideas of Mad Max, Walter M. Miller Jr and Japanese anime, he mediated on a post apocalyptic world akin to the wild west. So when it was announced a graphic novel was to be produced, I was excited. Javi Rey reconstructs Carrasco novel into a series of dark dreams that both capture the former themes and also recast them. The young boy is our guide into this world. A world that is both physically harsh and emotional barren. Rey brilliantly infers a lot of this visually. Shaping the world with artful strokes and deep rich yellow and hues of red. He also overtly defines the boys journey verbally. Never recoiling from its conclusion and its brutal realities. Out in the Open is a superior piece of written work and thankfully Rey has exported this with some considerable talent to the visual form.









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