OBAMA LLAMA 2 Board game review

Thank you to Big Potato for their generous donation to St Thomas Hospital.

It feels like it has been a lifetime since Barack Hussain Obama, was president of the United States of America. Thankfully, Big Potato games have allowed us to hope, dream and …rhyme about the man and other famous faces and objects with OBAMA LLAMA 2.  Yes its the sequel to the highly popular, OBAMA LLAMA. A game which appeared at every party, every Xmas party and every…well shelf in the London area. So we sat down and played the game. But we have been promised more Rhyming, more guessing, more Obama…and even more llama. So it was up to us to play. You know. For you.


So inside the box. That box which has a solid plastic coated outer and a, well yes it is a recyclable interior box. A low environmental impact, slightly terrible box. You have a rulebook, well two sided leaflet. A set of cards. Well four types of cards. An Obama LLAMA set of cards, a Solve it set of cards, a Describe it set of cards. A set of Hercules cards. A pencil. A dice, a score card and well the hope of some rhyme crimes. So to speak. Also you will need the app timer on your phone.


Split into 2 teams. Yes that is what you need to do firstly. 2 players, 3 players, 10 players. Split up. Now that’s done? Lets get things started with that. You are instructed to choose a team via a LLAMA noise but we did it via the best Obama impression. The team which could do this or has a member that can, will go first. Take the dice. Lay out the Obama LLAMA cards, face down (or question mark up) and the other cards next to this. Roll the dice and the colour you roll, determines which card you draw. So Green is describe it. Where players get a random sentence, need to explain it, without speaking any of the words on the card. Red is Solve it. This is where you have a riddle and you guess the rhyme! Finally Yellow is John Cheese or act it. It charades with Rhyming. A player does what is on the card and their team mates guess. The other team counts down via the app. 30 seconds, no more. Get it right, score a point. Get 3 right and you get go turn over those Obama LLAMA cards! Get a pair, keep them. Most cards held wins!


Well originally, the first game was a rip roaring, zinger fest. Jokes. Witty banter and a genius amount of silliness. The sequel (which in truth) is a fattened out version of the original. Might lack a little of the first creative magnetism but it still gets a group of people together, without missing the laughs, banter and frolics. Improvements in the flip fun of the OL cards have also improved the speed of the game.


Ok. Two things. Firstly, the quality of the box is going to get people irrational irritated. Collecting obsession types will be so angry with the perishable pieces. Second, I didn’t feel a major shift in the games ebb and flow. It is the same game just bumped a little to add extra cards and a slightly better flip mechanic (it’s 3 instead of 3 hard questions)


The type of party game, destined to rip up and down the circuit this summer. It works as it’s simple, translatable and easy to play but hard to master. Is it going to change your life, nope. Might it make a better evening, mores? Possibly. Will you return to it after 3 plays? Doubtful.



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