The Ninja Trilogy DVD/Blu Ray Review

NinjaA loose trilogy of films known as the Ninja Trilogy is about to be released via Eureka entertainment. The first part known as Enter the Ninja, sees Franco Nero take on the might and muscle of an oil industry tycoon. The tycoon wants his friends farm and will kill for the black gold underneath. The sequal known as Revenge of the Ninja, sees Sho Kosugi (who links the three by appearing in all of them!) revenge the death of his family in Japan by setting up an art fair in America. He then finds and eliminates the evil ninja who set out to kill him. The third part is called Ninja 3 : Domination and is best described as Flashdance meets Ghostbusters meets the Ninja series…it is filled with the spirits of dead ninjas and a beautiful woman.

Ninja 3So is it all worth your time? The Ninja series is an interesting thing in two ways for this review. Firstly as a film series in itself and secondly as a release by the superb Eureka. Now as itself it launched a whole spite of Ninja inspired films in the 80s, it made Cannon (its production label) a packet and it is known for having been directed by Cannon head Menahem Golan (the first one at least). It is also pretty much bubblegum for the eyes, poorly plotted, weakly acted drivel and has to be called out a little for its utter emptyness. This said I would still always say to an audience, you get from it what you take to it. So dont expect a lot and you might be a little bit surprised by it. Remember also that it was cut in the 80s in the UK and as such when it was released, it was hard stuff to watch. Now it is tamer than your pussy cat…

ninja 4That said you should consider it in the time it was made. It was made at the peak of action films and these were often filled with pointless violence and capitalist motifs. Now you have Ninja and the ‘dont forget your past’ meditation. As a release from Eureka it is a choice you would expect. Cult cinema with a twist of gore and culture. I remember their release of the amazing Lone Wolf and Cub series. It was a delight and they handled it so well. Once again they have packaged the film superbly but I was less impressed with the choice. I understand Cannon and its output. I do not get that this film is the best or most important of their work.

So finally to the discs themselves and today I can announce I have watched both DVD and Blu Ray. They look amazing. Transfers on both DVD and even more so the Blu Ray look a dream! The additionals are ok but do not be oversold on them. The booklet is excellent and is a must read…

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