New Pirates of the Carribean Film

So, Jonny Depps latest swashbuckling adventure with us has finally been given birth as:

pirates-of-the-caribbean-4-On Stranger Tides

Set for release in 2011, Film critics are highlighting the possibilities that Disney may set the film theme on the hit 1987 Pirate film from Tim Powers with the same name. Evidently, the films main character was also called Jack and the film tells the story of how Jack travels across the globe chasing an uncle that has stole the family inheritance. The 1987 film also covers a fountain of youth, which has been tipped to have something to follow in the new pirates adventure.

Depp announced the name of the film by donning his jack sparrow outfit and arriving on stage at the Anaheim Convention Center in America, letting his 5,000 strong army of fans know of his return to the screen.

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