New Kick Ass Trailer Released

A new Kick Ass trailer has just been released – woop! Although its got much of the same footage as the first trailer this second one introduces a lot more of the plot. Kick-Ass is acomic book adaptation from director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) and follows high school comic book fan Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson)  who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has absolutely no powers and his mypsace site spawns a new generation of superheroes.

The first trailer concentrated on do it yourself superhero characters of Dave as ‘Kick Ass’ and copycat ‘Red Mist’ but this new trailer introduces more copycats – with Nicolas Cage as ‘Big Daddy’ alongside his young daughter daughter Hit-Girl. Mark Strong is also introduced as the enemy – a  durg baron they are fighting against. Theres some great action sequences and comedy moments and it looks like the film is shaping up nicely – its due for release in the UK on 2 April.

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