New Cinema Releases – 15th January 2010

Up in The Air
Starring – George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick 

From Juno director Jason Reitman comes another comedic drama that follows the life of frequent flyer Ryan Bingham (Clooney) and his emotional baggage free lifestyle as he travels across America. This is a very funny film and tipped for many of this years awards so its not to be missed – see the full Up in the Air Review

44 Inch Chest
Starring – Ray Winstone, John Hurt

44 Inch Chest is a dramatic thriller that at first glance looks to be a gangster thriller but the plot actually revolves around a love story. Ray Winstone is a vindictive husband who plots revenge when he discovers his wife is having an affair. Its from Sexy Beast writers Louis Mellis and David Scinto so if you liked that then this is definitely worth a watch.

All About Steve
Starring – Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Thomas Haden Church

Another comedy released this week Mary (Bullock) is a shy crossword puzzle writer. Through a blind date she meets Steve (Cooper), a cameraman who she becomes convinced is her true love and follows him around hopelessly. This overused formula is a bit too tiring so only really good for die hard rom-com fans.

The Book of Eli
Starring – Denzel WashingtonGary Oldman, Mila Kunis

Set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2043, this thrilling film follows Eli (Washington), who guards the ‘Book of Eli’ which provides knowledge that could save the world. Meanwhile Carnagie (Oldman) is trying to get hold of the book for evil means. With plenty of explosions and drama this is a blockbuster in the making and a must see for action fans.


This documentary film follows the Amazon Chernobyl case, when Ecuadorians from the rainforest rose against U.S. oil corporation Chevron. They argued that Chevron and former company Texaco polluted and contaminated the rainforest since the 1970s and have refused to cleanup the mess they made. From American documentary maker Joe Berlinger this is a through study of the case and global politics.

OSS 117: Lost in Rio
Starring – Jean Dujardin, Louise Monot

In the next instalment of the bond-esque French spy series Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath (Dujardin) is back. The year is 1967 and he is sent to South America to track down an escaped Nazi who has information about French collaborators. This light hearted spoof series is much more light hearted than Bond and a little bit ridiculous but still a fun watch

Still Walking
Starring – Hiroshi Abe, Yui Natsukawa

This Japanese drama documents a 24-hour reunion of the Yokoyama family and their relationships to each other. This gentle home drama is a popular genre in Japan and is a lovely look at Japanese culture and family life.

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