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‘Build the cities of the future, today’. This slogan is used often in the world of architecture. In MEGACITY OCEANIA that idea has gone one step further. Its 2100 on the gold coast off Australia. Global over population has driven up pollution, Rising sea levels have now made it impossible to live in low land areas, so anything other than a new idea to build is needed. So you have an idea to do it differently. We will build the cities of the future for order. On their own islands and then deliver them to those who ordered them, all for a profit. Sounds simple enough but things are never as easy as they seem.


Inside the box (which is attractive but rather blah in the main) you are greeted with a note that helps you save recycling and get the box in great shape. After this you have the well designed and engaging rulebook, 150 building pieces (that come in three colour ways, Grey, Glass and deep charcoal). I emptied these into the draw string bag provided. Punch outs include, Platforms to build on (in different colours), Awards bar, speciality awards, Diversity awards, tallest building award, 2 rulers. Then finally you have Land mark contract cards, Contract cards and player cubes. That is everything. It all fits together in a well designed box, and looks attractive. Not a rare board game occasion that but it should be noted and commended. Even if the exterior is dull.


So shuffle the platforms, make a pile and then draw three and that is the starting pile. Place all the landmark contract cards to one side. They are easy to see as they are white backed and there is only four of them. Shuffle the contract cards and deal as many as indicated by the book (12 for a 2 player game, 14 for 3 etc). You will need two of each of the four types btw. These will sit in colour order and you draw the top card. All other cards are returned to the box. Each player gets a park piece (they are green) and add the Megacity park in the centre. Give every player their colour cubes. I set out the awards now and then we choose a starting player. Now lets play! 

The first thing is player one should take a single piece from the drawstring bag. Player two, two pieces. Etc. Now on a turn there are a bunch of things you can do, 2 standard actions are what you can do and you can do the same thing twice. Put simply it is, Draw a platform tile, take 3 building pieces randomly from the drawstring bag, take a contract, flip a tile to ‘REZONE’ it, clear a tile and start again and then finally reorder a contract set, moving the front to the back. A players goal is to build to the contract requirements and you can build all the way through the game and the rounds of others. Contracts are simple and have defined requirements, which are often height, types of blocks, number of pieces. Once done, you place a cube on it, prove its as high and as the contract states and then use your finger to push it to the the megacity park. If it falls, take it back and start a gain. You lose a turn and your friends are joyful. Score for those you deliver and bonuses for the related components.


MEGACITY is unique. Both in terms of gameplay and of mechanics. I have not seen anything like it. It plays smoothly and has been play tested well to iron out some clinks I suspect. The constant play is fun and you feel that you are always playing, working to make your grand design, getting the best you can from the components you have drawn and fulfilling that contract.


There are some downsides. Surfaces are one. It has to be on a smooth surface and your fingers must not be sticky. Random draws are another, that is the nature of draws like this but the builds make for fun and frustration often. Finally the measurement element is a boon and a bust. You have to be fair as the limits of builds often make for annoying underage with kids and overage with adults.


Games play and this plays well indeed. Fun, great for families and friends and will be a good addition to any game club. Serious gamers will loath it, mostly as they are looking for fixed and finite elements that are not like the wind, driven by a level of uncontrolled randomness. MEGACITY OCEANIA is a uniquely enjoyable game that takes its simple premise, delivers a worthwhile experience and will make you and those around you happier for it.




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