In 1996, Ringo Lam, Hong Kong action director and inspirational figure for Mister Tarantino, was ready for new ground.  American cinema was calling, Lam name was everywhere and he was given the chance to make Maximum Risk. It started off being called something else, but after Jean Claude Van Damme signed up, well the film was greenlit and got serious in its title. Popular on release with audiences both in the theatres and onscreen. 88 films have upscale that release with this Blu Ray outing for all of you to enjoy.

Alain (JCVD) is a cop in the South of France. When asked to see a dead body as part of an investigation, he discovers someone that looks exactly like him. Not the usual start to a day. When it turns out, Mikhail is the twin brother Alain never knew he had, things get strange. First comes New York. Alain discovers that Mikhail was a member of the Mafia, well the Russian version. Problem is that Alain is mistaken for Mikhail, and the Mafia wanted one dead and now both dead.  Mikhail’s fiancé Alex Bartlett (Natasha Henstridge) is his only way in or out of this mess.

I cant say this is the best JCVD. Some have stated it is. They obviously feel that JCVD being given a sound kicking in BLOOD SPORT or taking us into the future in TIMECOP are not up there with this mob mess but there is stuff to like. Tough, tight action scenes. Set up and paid off. This is Ringo Lam film for all the right reasons there. Forget its poor plot or its oddly unbalance scenes. Remember more its landed and usual punches. Enjoy its play of JCVD best and brutal. Lam is in good form with all of this. He executes a series of skilled set pieces. He makes the most of his star and he gets us a pay off that might fizzle out but still feels solid enough for a rematch. Don’t go in with the baggage of JCVD best and you will not be left deflated. I liked it and it will sit on the shelf for the regular revisit.


HD improves on the lack of an upscale for the DVD from before. Its grain is glorious in my opinion. I love 90s flicker and sand swells.


A good booklet makes up for no extras on the disc. The James Oliver take is fun. He describes JCVD and Lam together and apart.


[Strictly Limited to 3000 Units][Numbered Slipcase][Booklet Notes – Wham-Bam Thank you Van Damme, Maximum Risk, Maximum Reward by James Oliver]


[Fold-out A3 Poster]


High Definition Blu-ray Presentation (1080p) in Original 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio


5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio


2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio


Audio Commentary with Action cinema aficionado & game producer Audi Sorlie


Optional English Subtitles


Original Trailer

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