Max Payne (2008)


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Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Olga Kurlylenko, Chris O’Donnell, Beau Bridges

Based on the successful computer game of the same name, Mark Wahlberg brings the character to the big screen.

Max’s wife and child were murdered several years ago and he is still trying to come to terms with it. He has been dispatched to a lowly desk job in the police department. His is still a detective but due to his unpredictable nature, he’s been left alone where he can pretty much do what he wants. He is secretly trying to find those responsible for the death of his family and take his revenge on them.

Max begins investigating a series of of deaths where the people involved are reporting hallucinations and demons. This all stems from a gang that are selling some kind of new street drug that causes these effects.

I understand from fans of the game that its not that similar and i wonder wether they would actually enjoy it, after already being so familiar with it.

I don’t think i’ve actually read one good review of this film and usually i won’t settle for poorly put together films, especially on the back of an existing game franchise but i actually thought it was ok.

Its not the best film in the world and it is very confusing at points, but the character is interesting. It doesn’t make sense if you properly study it but its perfect for a rainy day… nothing more.

Director: John Moore
Writer: Beau Thorne, Sam Lake

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