Krissh 3 to take inspiration from Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar has bought the attention of Rakesh Roshan. After watching the movie in Los Angeles he has been rethinking ideas for Krissh 3. Krissh, depicting a fictious superhero character in Bollywood, has had a lot of success, and I’m sure the Indian public are holding their breath for the 3rd sequel. But apparently Hrithik is not so sure about the feasability of the series anymore after the depth and success of Avatar in India. He wants their to be a budgetary scrutiny to see whether they can create similar effects to Avatar. I ask, “Is that even possible?”. James Cameron has used the most latest technology and waited years to start work on the project. Bollywood has tried and failed, in my opinion, to keep up to pace with the cgi technology of Hollywood.

Rakesh Roshan has admitted that he has put his project on hold but thinks differently and quotes, “I don’t think it’s impossible to create effects on par with Hollywood. We need to budget Krissh 3 intelligently.” Intellingently – definitely.

Although this does now raise my expectations for Krissh 3 just as James Cameron has raised audiences expectations worldwide to a whole new level with his mind-blowing work.


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