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A party turns into a blood bath, when three teenages try to rob a house and find they had never bargined for what was inside. These three teens are chancers. They rob big houses that have safes. Often gleaning this information from working parties held at the houses as staff. So when a big house has a major event, they are tuned to its bonus. For one of them it is also a way to save a family member in deep trouble. The only issue is that the event is a one of a kind deal. It is hosting a Serial Killers Anonymous meeting. One with a group of desperate killers, all looking for an output to quench their thirst for death and blood.

Well we would expect something special from a film from the producers of SINISTER. Now the tagline however sounds like a case of ASDA price DVD of the week.  Its robust and screams excess. Its a genre film that fits into a body of cinematic works. ASDA DVDs have a wide audeince of blood and action junkies often. Those coming home from the pub on a friday or saturday, would like the sound of this type of film. ASDA love it and it has kept afloat an industry in rapid decline. What these paying publics people get with KILLER PARTY is pretty much what they want. A series of blood splattered moments, which are all sequenced with set ups and pay offs galore. However the ‘from the producers of SINISTER’ adds a flavour that is important. I would argue at least. The slow build of the film raises it above the usual slasher meets serial killer film. Blackly funny in places. Espically when it plays to its strengths, and lets the narrative be told visually. The cast are an eceltic bunch but seem to zing off each other. With Julian McMahon topping the group with an over the top, camp series of splats and slips. KILLER PARTY is many things but it is never unwatchable.

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