Horrible Bosses Review

Television trio Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis prove they can bring big laughs to the big-screen in Seth Gordon’s latest black comedy.

Gordon returns to direct his sophomore film Horrible Bosses which, complete with its unconventional line-up of cast members, makes for one horribly hilarious summer flick.

If the title doesn’t give it away, the concept is fairly simple: when your bosses give you hell, hatch a plan…to kill them.  There can’t be an audience member in the darkened auditorium who wouldn’t vaguely relate to this bizarre but honest contemplation, and that cathartic connection lays the perfect groundwork to keep viewers engaged.

Based on the daily tribulations of a working man’s life, Horrible Bosses explores the potentially fatal consequences that occur from retaining years of resentment towards impossible employers.  Between them, Bateman, Day and Sudeikis endure cocaine-sniffing Colin Farrell, foul firm-executive Kevin Spacey and naughty nymphomaniac Jennifer Aniston.

One alcohol-fuelled night, the trio devise their seemingly fool-proof plan which requires the help of ex-con “Motherfucker Jones” (Jamie Foxx).  As they embark on their Hitcockian murder mission, they find that killing their bosses can prove just as difficult as putting up with them.

The witty humour and natural banter serves well to bring water-cooler styled comedy into a neatly packaged Hangover format.  A strong Judd Apatow influence is also noticeably woven in the plot, as Horrible Bosses gets in just the right amount of R-rated laughs. While the comedy provides the back bone, the success of the movie relies entirely on the killer cast.

All three leads are undeniably likeable and have something refreshing to offer individually but put them together and the on-screen chemistry combined with the comedic timing works effortlessly. The only thing rivalling the bad-boy trio would be the objects of their misery; the three ‘horrible’ bosses themselves. Aniston is surprising in a raunchy performance where she attempts to shed her good-girl image as America’s rom-com sweetheart. Spacey reprises the sadistic role which he’s portrayed so frequently over the years, while Farrell remains utterly unrecognisable but genius, as the boss who fires the ‘fatties’.

Providing more than just a few chuckles, join this knockout cast on their quest for immoral revenge.

Horrible Bosses is in now out in theatres.

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  1. Damon

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