Heroes Volume 5 Finale Review

If you’re a UK viewer and haven’t seen the episodes aired in the US then stop reading now. I, on the other hand, have just seen the last episode of volume 5 – “A Brave New World”, and I’m slightly disappointed to say the least. No big fight at all! With all the boring storylines one would think there must be a build up to a fiery finale. Does Peter Petrelli show all his abilities? No. Does Sylar? No. Infact, they don’t even let poor old Samuel show what he’s all about. All the talk about him being very very powerful, well, was just that, all talk!

The highlight of the finale has got to be Sylars line, “I am a Hero!” Throughout the series he’s been portrayed as this confused guy who doesn’t know where he belongs. I guess the association of a good person (Peter Petrelli) made him change, which was proved when Matt Parkman reads his mind and could only analyse good thoughts. I think a lot of fans loved Sylar and don’t want to see him go. Even I was glad he turned good.

One thing that was on my mind throughout the episode was the whereabouts of Mohinder. He was nowhere to be seen. I’m not sure he resolved what he was out to do.

The final episode does lead into Volume 6, and don’t get me wrong, I am still a big fan of Heroes, only because now a new chapter has opened. Claire Bennett wants to reveal what they’re all about, thinking the world is ready to see her kind. Noah Bennett, Peter Petrelli, Sylar, and the rest of the news team look on, as she reveals her identity in front of news cameras.

My prediction for Volume 6 is that everyone will team up to fight the “normal” people! I’m pretty excited! Let’s hope the writers don’t disappoint this time round! Check out the heroes boxsets

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  1. RobUK

    Your review pretty much read my mind, I cant wait for season 6, but at the moment the only search result im getting for “will there be aHeroes season 6?” is on a yahoo page, where the top answer reads “One word: Never”.. God i hope thats false


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