Going once….Going twice….Gone! We have all heard this saying at some point in our lives. Either during a film, TV series or documentary featuring an auction house or a market situation. Ok I wont mention that series on BBC 1, screened during the day and well you know. David Dickinson etc.  Some of us have been there live and enjoyed the cut and thrust of the auctioneer. I cant say that it is to everyone’s taste but I, along with many millions enjoy the experience. Many also have dreamed of being there at the nexus of a million dollar art deal, you know, where a rare Van Gogh is up for sale and the bidding ascends upwards and upwards like a rocket to space. Something that will become a sensation and make history. You know what I mean. Well now we have a game that replicates this environment. The cut and thrust of the art world and the auction house with little nods to other games but in a most compelling way.

Laurence King GOING GOING GONE begins with a simple premise. A set of art period cards, shuffled and set in the middle. Players choose their avatars and then decide who goes first. Then we roll. Now to note here the booklet with the game (well written, leaving no holes or missed points) must sit by the table for your first game. On each space, you have certain actions to do. One has a public auction function, a great communal push and pull of money for an open card. Others have an exclusive sole look at a work up for grabs. Though of course you cant show anyone else.

My favourite is the Fortune card (akin to a certain capitalist game Chance card). If you are lucky, it gets you money or something well worth considering. If not, well those are the breaks as a aspiring Billionaire. Money is a fiscal thing indeed (not fickle). You could end up on a pay or play square. This is the most fun but revealing to those players with an eye for uber rational, competitive play. They can be tipped off. Warning! But then it also is fun to see who else, wants what and how eagerly. Sometimes you can end up in Detox. A relaxation place or a nightmare as you chase the dream of hoarding a periods work to win. The game wants you to relax. Well heck, I want to win! The game ends when all the cards go you know. So these things are sent to thwart you!

But this in itself is only half of the game. The roll, move, bid, buy and bluster is fun but its the works itself that deserves a joyous applause. You see its everything about the game that works. It looks like someone worked hard on the visuals (an art game deserves this and Laurence King are exceptional at this). The art works are detailed, with tongue in cheek nods (the booklet then details the inspiration). The logic of locational art auctions is fun. The games structure is not overly difficult and it plays into the experience and its repayment value. This is an astonishingly great game, which serves a family, friends, casual and serious players. If you liked MODERN ART, then you will adore this…

The Artsy review does this justice. I hope mine does as well!


Going, Going, Gone: A High Stakes Board Game by Simon Landrein. Available now, laurenceking.com


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