Gauguin Graphic Novel

G2Gauguin left Copenhagen and headed for the Polynesian islands. The French artist felt a pull to a place that was seen as the end of the world. Mythical and mystical it had become the place where people went to find a connection to their spiritual self. He painted in Tahiti but it was treated with disregard in his native land. This drew him into the world of the islands and of the outcast. He wanted to explore and that lead him into the islands and into his own soul space. He was a flawed man and had a flawed mind. He lusted and desired but he also loved and discovered with his heart and his emotions. His dreams were others nightmares but his work was wonder and this would live forever. He made the sense of a world and made it magical.

G3The Graphic novel series of great artists produced by Self Made Hero press allows us to discover a person and not just a caricature. This is something that has been profoundly important in establishing the series as relevant to a discourse that has arisen in the last 10 years. For better or worse, genius is to be admired and understood. From the works of great hands come the works of even greater souls.

G1Here we have the life of an artist who was a monster and a magician. He took the human agent carelessly but replicated nature with beauty. Gauguin was not the most loved craftsman or the most talented but he could make you compelled to explore and that is a fine skill. Fabrizio Dori casts a spell with his visual work in this piece. By using colour like Gauguin, he casts the same levels of wonder and joy in nature. He also finds the heart of Gauguin as a visual manifestation. This sounds odd but I mean that he is able to uncover the spirit of a complex man with a visual performance that is natural. He does not over estimate or indeed over develop the visual. The written text is slight excessive and dull in places. This is a shame for me as the visual portion of the book is amazing and is deserving of so much praise. A wonderful addition to an amazing series.


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