Franklyn (2008)


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Starring: Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley

This is a British film and really should be applauded for its imagination. However as a well rounded film, sadly it falls a little short.

It is not often you see a British film with a budget and production level like this and it was good to see that we are making the effort in that respect.

The film follows 2 separate paths. One side of the story is set in modern day London and the other a parallel future world, known as Meanwhile City.

There are 4 main characters that we follow in the stories; Preest (Phillippe) who’s they guy with the mask, Esser a father looking for his lost son, Milo (Sam Riley) who has just been dumped and Emilia (Eva Green) an experimental, suicidal art student.

There are plenty of good ideas in this film and everything looks good and is shot well. The acting is pretty reasonable – its just the plot drags on a little too much leaving you in the dark for too long. So when the ends comes you are expecting an almighty conclusion to make it all worthwhile and it doesn’t quite deliver in my opinion.

I think maybe there were too many creative minds getting their own way with this and they should have kept some traditional storytelling to tie it all together better.

An encouraging film but i think the people behind the scenes will learn a lot from this attempt and come back with something more polished next time.

Director: Gerald McMorrow
Writer: Gerals McMorrow

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