Flash Forward… Episode 5: Gimme Some Truth


This episode centres around Mark Benford’s vision of the future. A committee is set up to get some answers on the causes of the FF. In charge is Senator Clemente, a hard woman who takes no prisoners. She has a personal issue with Wedeck and makes sure he knows it. Mark is interrogated at the hearing into explaining his version of forthcoming events. Everyone struggles to understand why all the FBI efforts and money should be pumped into their investigation when there are so many holes in Marks story.
The reason for that is, as we all know… Mark was back on the demon drink in his FF. Obviously as a previous alcoholic he is a little reluctant to admit to himself and to anyone else that he is drinking again in the future.

We also get introduced to the President, played by Peter Coyote, who happens to know Wedeck very well. It looks as if the funding is going to be withdrawn until Wedeck has to step forward and basically blackmail the President over some previous love affair into agreeing the funding.

The other main thread of the story follows the female FBI agent, Janis, who is enjoying the company of another young lady. However, puzzling to her and us is that she is pregnant is her FF… how can this be?

After a night out drinking, the FBI team are set upon by a vehicle full of Chinese assassins who first of all crash into them and then try to blow them up with rocket propelled grenades. Unbelievably they all seem to survive without much more than a scratch.

Its a real shame that the underlying concept of this series and all the philosophical questions it should be posing are getting lost with poor script writing and characters that nobody cares about… or is it just me?

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