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Filmish is the story of film. Well it is actually the breaking down of the components of what makes film so good and why it has us glued to its screen. Covering every genre, film decade, movement and major film theorists we have a work of major depth and range. Penned by Edward Ross and featuring him as our informed and enthusiastic narrator, we explore the wonder of film via its space, time, narrative and more. We are able to visit the many worlds of Hollywood cinema and delve ever deeper into the strange reality of those great magicians of the modern age, Film makers.

I loved this exceptional book. Filled to the brim with entertaining animation, that a film geek or fanatic will love. Under this beautiful visual style is a very intelligent and informed film discourse. Film theory has sometimes been so dense as to block every lover out and instead simply allow access to academics. Ross has given us a book that is a shape shifter. It has insight that is valuable and also accessible. Quoting from valid theorists and film makers, he also does it in a style that is funny and clear. This is married to a superb flow of ideas. They take great films and open them up but not so much that they become blurred and hazy. More they become sudden delights. Like finding a new route to home that goes past a stunning building or through a park that has a wonderful view. The book feels like a labour of love for the writer and the reader. We are living in a world that is entertaining and enlightening. It can get to the point on occasion where it feels like an A level lesson but then Ross drops the pace and focuses on an idea or film and you feel its beat again.

Eddie Ross...Boy genius?

I loved its sections as well. These are made up of the thing of film lore. Time for instance is a much discussed concept and this book treats it with great skill and a little lite touch. Lite that the casual reader feels that they can commit but not so as to make it feel empty for the student of cinema. Take its section of sets. This treats that as a serious concept but this is then played within a varied world of genre and film thought. This means that someone like me (A film studnet) can relate it to a film I loved and analysed but also can commit to other works I knew nothing about. Ross has done his homework in thsi respect. Quoting from the best and then constructing the rest. I mean this in a positive way. He has made it easy to navigate, informed and clever.

The answer is YES!!!!...Whats the question?

So should you buy it? Well if you have read this article and you read this website. Yes. If you like cinema and want to know about why and how without going to school. Yes. If you are a film student and want to freshen your ideas. Yes. In truth…anyone should read this if film means more to you than entertainment….


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