Neil Marshall’s DOG SOLDIERS floated into my life on VHS in 2002. Sean Pertwee had come off of a host of, frankly, not bad films and a host of odd press coverage (as a part of the British brat pack). This film was a step toward his father, John realm of British cinema. Bold, unpretentious genre films. In particular, Horror genre films.

A squad of soldiers are taking part in a war game. A game that will see them, take on a bunch of special forces. Now things seem to be a miss when a dead cow is dumped into their camp at night. The next morning they find all the special forces team murdered. Well bar special forces team leader, who is hidden and survived. With blood up, they encounter a fast and vicious monster. To be precise, a werewolf. A team of them.

Arrow have set up the 4K release to hits cinemas in two weeks but shortly on digital we will have DOG SOLDIERS in all its gorey. I always despair when the marketing teams sell films with an eye to their bums on seats audience. That is why DOG SOLDIERS is pitch as a straight horror/ thriller. Neil Marshall’s film is far more. Its a clever, genre busting comedy. Reminiscent of films like REANIMATOR or EVIL DEAD.

It is knowing (but not in a self involved way), economical and still maintains your attention until its climax. You may know what you are going to get or you may, it still holds up. My only issue is that the standard version (not the 4K which I am yet to see), looks like a dull DVD rip. I suspect the 4K will hit this for six but is it worth paying the same for a DVD as you would for a digital copy at the same quality?

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