Dead Man Running Review

Release Date (UK) – 30 0ctober 2009
Certificate (UK) – 15
Country – UK
Director – Alex De Rakoff
Runtime – 92 min
Starring – Danny Dyer, Curtis Jackson, Tamer Hassan

Out in cinemas today Dead Man Running is a new British Gangster film featuring Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson and Danny Dyer, and Frontrowreviews caught it at the world premiere in Leicester Square last week. 50 Cent plays loan shark Thigo who is determined to keep his reputation up by making of an example of Nick (Tamer Hassan) giving him 24 hours to repay a £100,0000 loan or he’ll kill him. Danny Dyer is Nick’s sidekick Bing and together they come up with a string of cons and robberies to try and piece together the cash in time.

The film seems to be marketed and distributed on the back of Fiddy’s small role and also the fact that footballers Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand are both exec-producers. Unfortunately it’s easy to see why this is so as the plot is pretty flaky, fight scenes badly choreographed and the production values are very poor (the dialogue in the first 15 minutes is almost inaudible at times).

With all the gangster genre elements present – fights, guns, drug deals, and gambling the plot is captivating enough but the best bits come from rather out of place cameos, including a brief turn as a thug for Omid Dijali. But oddest of all is the role of Brenda Blethyn in the film, a renowned character actress who is wasted here as Nick’s wheelchair bound mother, taking hostage by one of Thigo’s henchman whilst he is waiting for Nick to pay up. She provides some hilarious moments of comedy and the scenes between these two are the saving grace of the film.

Unless you’re a die-hard British gangster film fan then this is probably not worth paying for. Fans of Guy Ritchie films may enjoy the action heavy storyline and (pretty obvious) twists but this film is not going to help the reputation of poor quality British gangster films at all.

You can see the trailer here

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