With the release of Frightfest featured CRYSTAL EYES, Arrow are effectively refreshing the giallo content that has fallen by the wayside in recent months. In this Argentinian slasher film, the body count equals the references. The black patent leather matches to the black gloved menace and the hair styles are as high and your pulse might be when the stalk, slash, stalk, spurt begins in earnest, for revenge is sweet and sticky.

Bitchy model Alexis Carpenter (A nod to Dynasty and the great director no less) dies in an apparent horrific accident. She left behind a toxic legacy but also a fashion house under financial strain. So the year anniversary is a chance to heal and growth the coffers. This seems logical but then people start dying. Death seems to follow the tragic events and maybe there is more to it than just this?

Part homage to the great MARIO BAVA and part homage to the equally great DARIO ARGENTO, this is a black gloved, fashion kills, blood soaked storm of a film that plays with conventions and sardonically kills fashion. I cant say it is revolutionary, nor is it insightful. It is however affectionate and makes the most of the obvious adulation of the creators for the genre. Now Kim Newman gives this film a through and insightful working over in his review for his own website  ( I can only add to this that, although CRYSTAL EYES has its moments of abandon, it never reaches past the genre and for once, this is a good thing.

CRYSTAL EYES available on Arrow Channel

Sept 1st

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