Control (2007)


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Starring : Sam Riley, Samantha Morton, Alexandria Maria Lara

Filmed in black and white – this is a stunning profile of the life of the genius Ian Curtis, frontman of the late 70’s band from Manchester, Joy Division.

It tells the true story of a troubled man torn between a loving wife and newborn child at home or the life of a rock star touring around Britain and eventually Europe. It charts the progress of the band from the early days when they were known as Warsaw.

Its a very moving film, shot with real style by Anton Corbijn. Who made his name as a music video director before stepping up into full scale movies.

Fans of Joy Division will absolutely love this film. Its soundtrack includes all their best work and there are moments of pure comedy genius. There are some amazing performances from the main cast, Samantha Morton especially.

Even if you’ve never heard of Ian Curtis or Joy Division, there is plenty to keep you interested and some hilarious moments during the live gigs…

Definitely one not to miss! Outstanding!

Director : Anton Corbijn
Writers : Deborah Curtis & Matt Greenhalgh

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