Consequences Review

What happens when you are out of control?

Consequences 2018

Andrej neanderthals his way through life, drinking, partying and making up excuses about not being interested in half naked girls.

It becomes clear pretty quick that the young lad, who you’d avoid like hell in a kebab shop, is going through a bit of a rebellious phase.

So it’s no surprise when he gets himself locked up in juvenile detention.

There will be consequences.

Over his first few days at the centre, Andrej (Matej Zlemjic) falls foul of Zele (Timon Sturbej) and his apes until a show of strength means he can join the team. From here the group waste their weekends taking drugs, committing acts of tomfoolery and of course, grand theft auto, the gateway crime.

Aptly named, everything that happens is a consequence of Andrej’s actions. We don’t meet Andrej in a particularly positive light and sad to say, it’s only going to get worse.

You may be hoping that Andrej harbours a secret sensitivity, a redeeming feature that sets him apart from his new-found partners in crime. He doesn’t. Whilst not exactly one dimensional, Andrej doesn’t really stretch far beyond thug with a gaydar.

Zele, on the other hand, has a bit more about him. He notices Andrej’s lingering stares and wastes no time kicking his overdosing girlfriend out the door so he can have a roll around with his new mate.

His interest in Andrej is ambiguous though. Is it just manipulation? You almost wish, nay, hope there’s a requited love buried beneath bravados of violent lout. It doesn’t seem that way though because it turns out that Zele, like Andrej, is a bit of a twat.

Eventually, smitten Andrej manifests his first thought of the film, just as Zele over-plays his hand. The end of Consequences comes as no surprise; given its intensifying pace, you can tell that it is building up to a bloody end.

Whilst Consequences lacks any likeable characters, it certainly plays on the scally fantasy harboured by a guilty pleasured few. So if you’re a sucker for drunken chavs beating each other up then this is the one for you.

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