Cemetery Junction Trailer

Cemetery Junction is the new film written by and starring both Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Set in 1970s England it follows working class heroes Freddie (Christian Cooke) Bruce (Tom Hughes) and Snork (Jack Doolan). The story revolves around their daily lives and the life options that are open to them in 1970s Britain. Ricky Gervias plays Freddies father and the film also stars Ralph Fiennes, although hes only glimpsed momentarily in the trailer. After watching the trailer below for me the main protagonost Freddie is a recreation of Albert Finneys classic 1960s working class hero Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night and Sunday morning, with the film focusing much more on the comedic side then replicating the 60s realist working class kitchen sink dramas that were so popular.

Some months ago sony released a teaser trailer which we’ve also posted below as it contains more laughs then this trailer as its simply Gervias, Merchant and Fienens on screen having a joke around. Cemetry Junction is out at UK cinemas on 14 April 2010.

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