When telling a tale about an international icon or a subject well worn and trodden, it is very difficult to extract that persons aura without losing something of their being. So someone like Zinadine Zidane, a poetic, powerful magician became a humble servent of the ball he so coverted in one documentary. In another however, the documentary about the great musuem of Austria is hypnotic and hyper real. However it seems artisits of the classical era are becoming creatures that have their essance extrapolated and distilled to make something more complex and dare I say, magnetic. That which is magnetic, holds together CARAVAGGIO : THE SOUL AND THE BLOOD, the documentary of the life and works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the artist and painter of some of the most exceptional images of all time. Charting his connections to his parental hometown, of which he took his working name from. At its centre is the artist and wordsmith. His spirit is that of a man who was a rebel and radical. He took the visual to a height unexpected or unseen before.

CARAVAGGIO : THE SOUL AND THE BLOOD might not be to tastes of the scholar or casual. Often the reasons for this, put simply is subject discourse. How does the film talk about the subject. What you have here is more the works themselves, narrating the life of man with which confusions are abound. He is shown to rift off the greats. The Calling of saint Matthew is unpicked and unpacked. We see his inspiration. From the other famous named Michelangelo and his Sistine Chapel. We see how he build up images and scenes. How X ray details allow us to expose some of the hidden details and tones but more than anything it is the exploration of an image not only from the man but also from the viewer. I persoanlly adored this interaction of detail, layer, substance and histronics. Maybe it defuses later in the work but at its start, it engaged the history. Never more of less should be required for anyone who cares about the great artist and their works…

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