Captain Jack is back…

pirates4startThats right, Disney (in collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer) have announced that they will start shooting for pirates of the carribean 4 early nexy year, 2010. The film, whose main character Captain Jack Sparrow is played by Jonny Depp, will be a fresh start to what Disney hopes is another trilogy.

In the interview with, Disney Head of Production Oren Aviv gave nothing away as to what direction the film will take, and where our favorite pirates are going to go. Oren commented that the trilogy so far has “subsequently gotten bigger and bigger and very complicated”, and so they have decided to home in on the characters roots more to unleash another spectacular to our cinemas.

Personally, I enjoyed Pirates of the Carribean and both Jonny and Kiera’s performances throughout. Roll on 2011 for the next installment me hearties…

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