Burying The Ex Review

Joe Dante (Gremlins) returns with Burying The Ex, a tongue in cheek zombie-romance that is unlikely to excite many unless they actually sit down and watch. Instead of being the usual cliche ridden fodder, Burying The Ex is a funny, fresh and thrilling story led by the brilliant Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene who play a couple that were destined to never be together.

Evelyn (Greene) is an eco warrior, highly strung and insanely organised, which doesn’t bode well with Max (Yelchin) who is um… known of the above. A comic book lover who works in a local costume store with ambitions to one day open his own big costume/horror/comic book store, it is really quite confusing how this pair ever got together. Evelyn is often manipulative to get what she wants from the relationship and it is never quite clear what Max is getting from all this. But Dante is asking for you to suspend your disbelief for 90 minutes and just have fun (which so rarely happens today in cinema). Max’s buddy Travis (Oliver Cooper), who is a slob and may have a sex addiction has been telling him to dump Evelyn and trying to help think of ways to trash the relationship. But nothing seems to work and Max finds himself getting deeper and deeper when Evelyn moves in with him and unexpectedly revamps the apartment by taking down all his vintage movie posters, painting the walls green and hanging different bins everywhere… the girl has to go!

But alas just when Max believes he finds the opportunity to dump her, when he has enough strength to say that he just doesn’t think their relationship is working and he thinks they should end – she gets knocked down by a bus… in front of him… just before he goes to break it off. Oh, the irony! Well she dies and that seems to be that. Max moves on and meets Olivia (Alexandra Daddario) who runs a local milkshake shop and also has a fascination for the same world as Max (fancy that…). The couple seem well suited together and decide to not rush into anything so after a date they go their separate ways and decide to see each other again. Whilst this is happening, Evelyn is literally spinning in her grave as the saying goes, awakens all zombified and finds her way back to Max’s apartment. Hilarity ensues of course.

Now dead Evelyn wants to rekindle her relationship with Max; she never quite saw the issues in their relationship and thinks they can get back to normal. Although she is adamant that Max should also be killed so he can return as a zombie and they can live in zombie happiness for the rest of eternity. This obviously, you know, doesn’t sound like the greatest idea to Max who can’t stand her. So now Max has another problem, not only has his ex returned but she is super strong and super undead… bummer.

Whilst hiding the two girls from one another, Max and Travis have to come up with a way to stay alive, kill Evelyn (again) and make sure Olivia never finds out.

So yes on paper Burying The Ex is not a deep, existential, art house movie which will change your life but it is a enjoyable ride nevertheless. The chemistry between Yelchin and Greene is undeniable – they are both very funny and totally commit to the story. They play off of one another on screen and both clearly seem to be enjoying themselves. Greene as Evelyn is brilliant, whether dead or alive, she manages to crawl under the skin of the audience as both male and female audience watching will surely know someone like her (every though they don’t really want to). It’s a colourful adventure and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, Burying The Ex is bound to be enjoyed with friends (or as a date movie) and is a lot of fun.

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