Body of Lies

Starring: Leo Dicaprio,  Russell Crowe

A film about terrorism in Jordan, Dicaprio plays a CIA operative who is being shafted by his superiors and left to fend for himself in what is practically a war zone state Jordan. Tasked with trying to seek out and neutralize major terrorists, Dicaprio creates a relationship with the Jordan Prime Minister in an attempt to make quick progress. When he starts to understand more about the policital powers he is involved with, he starts falling for a jordan doctor, which leads him to sacrfice things he didnt anticipate to sacrifice.

Quite entertaining, Id compare this dvd film to Syriana and the Kite Runner. All three focus on terrorism and its impact on western society, and all three are very powerful movies. Considering I didnt really like Dicaprio much in Blood Diamond (what a crap accent he put on) I think he does quite well in this film, showing passion and also creativity in terms of his role. buy body of lies from

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