Bobby Yeah Review for LIAF 2011

Cartoons might be for kids, but animation is for everyone…

The annual 10-day London International Animation Festival (LIAF) is back in town, showcasing some of the most creative content from its talented band of international filmmakers. Getting comfortable at London’s Barbican this year, the UK’s biggest animated film festival may have changed venues but it’s still delivering the same quality entertainment.

Award-winning British filmaker Robert Morgan returns with his latest animated creation Bobby Yeah, showcasing at this year’s London International Animation Festival.

Quite the visionary genius, Morgan presents this short stop-motion theatrical animation about protagonist Bobby Yeah, who’s curiosity and obsession with stealing proves problematic when he messes with the wrong individuals.

Having taken four years in the making and marking his 6th animated film, Bobby Yeah truly displays Morgan’s progression as a director of animation. The themes of destruction and re-birth are channelled through scenes of gruesome  mutation, after Bobby Yeah steals his favourite pet worm from his owner, only to discover the intriguing red button on it’s body causes more mayhem than imaginable.

Even for those of you who may not be the biggest fans of animated movies without dialogue, Morgan manages to string together a narrative so engrossing, you’d wonder why words were ever needed in film. While some scenes are striking similar to the action found in gruesome thrillers such as the Human Centipede, our skinned-rabit-looking protagonist Bobby Yeah displays emotional behaviours that audience members will invest in till the end.

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