Astro Boy Trailer

So heres the Astro Boy trailer, a new animated family film based on an original Japanese Manga comic. Astro Boy tells the tale of scientist Dr. Tenma (Nicolas Cage) and his son Toby who live in Metro City, a futuristic city that was built above the Earth after it was ruined by humans. After young Toby dies in a car accident Dr Tenma recreates him through Astro Boy, a robotic version of Toby who has special powers including being able to fly and he gives him all Tobys original memories, so even he doesnt realise thats hes a robot. Its got a great line up of voices  including Bill Nihgy, Matt Lucas, Charlize Theron and Donald Sutherland. Astro Boy is released in cinemas on January 29th 2010, but we were lucky enough to see it at this years London Film Festival in October so a full review is coming soon on frontrowreviews!

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