Apollo Graphic Novel review

1969 was the year that change human endeavour. We travelled the oceans, flew the skies, trekked over mountains but space was different. It was a place we had seen since we were little more than primordial ooze. The immense void that surrounds us, was well documented from astrological ventures. However what other planets looked like or whether they contained other life, was unknown. We had barely dipped our toes into its vastness when 3 men set sail to the moon. Apollo 11 took 7 days to go to the moon and back. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on another world.  The journey changed America, science and the world. Sadly we only visited 5 more times.

A central theme in APOLLO is that of place. Belonging is very important to all of us, from humanity to a single astronaut in the forever space. Being a creature that is fixed to something for its identity is essential to us knowing what we are. Handling this both energetically enough to hold attention and contemplatively enough to ask reaching questions is impossible. APOLLO does this simply. Effortlessly charting the journey of mankind to our nearest planetary body. Covering the minutes, hours and days it took there and back. Temporal expectations are easy to mitigate. Time is a passage that goes in a single direction. However what Matt Fitch and Chris Baker and Mike Collins then do is infuse (yes I said infuse!) the work with the smell of space dust. Those who voyaged are real enough. Their thoughts and feelings are reflective and insightful in perspective. They are also abstract enough to delve into the heart of an adventure. A lot of double talk you may say but put simply it is a work in which we live a world changing event, as if for the first time. Through experience and not dry factual observance.

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