Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion Book

AC2A book that celebrates the world of Arrow Films. They have pioneered the new found love of Cult films and allowed for some of the greatest films from around the world to be unleashed onto our dvd libraries. However they havent done this in an empty headed way, far from it. They invest in the product and the quality of this shines from every single release. They also have taken this art to a collection released in this book of essays, artwork, features and historical details. From classic horror to the Video Nasty and from Japanese Cult to the gore drenched darkness of the mid 80s. Sex, blood, gore and rock and roll is all in a days work for those pioneers called Arrow Video…

AC1I am a fan. I am a fan of Arrow. They have released a superb collection of intellegent films that have been mistreated and misrepresented. By investing in these works they allow the film fan, genre lover and average geeka new insight into a beloved piece of art. They have done this with real heart and soul, as well as clever business. This book celebrates that to a vast and very entertaining extent.


What more could we expect than a magical collection from these guys. It has excellent essays from some very gifted writers.Mackenzies piece on Giallo, Tom Mes on Meiko Kaji, Flint on Brass are amoung the standout pieces. They have great detail and are from film voices that add nuances that are fresh and new. My problem with some of the works are that you might have read others in this collection before if you have purchased the DVDs. It has amazing visuals courtesy of Graham Humphreys. He is a lovely man and makes wonderful art from majestic film. The book is a welcome addition but not one I would hunt out. The reason is simple, its price is to high for what its offering but if you love CULT film, than its your call…

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