30 Minutes or Less Review

Ruben Fleischer and Jesse Eisenberg have teamed up again for a comedy that’s just as slick as their first collaboration.

The premise is relatively simple. Jesse Eisenberg plays Nick, a Pizzaboy who after being strapped with a bomb vest is ordered to rob a bank. The men behind the plot are not the criminal masterminds one would expect but spoilt rich kid Dwayne and his idiotic best friend Travis (played brilliantly by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). Nick soon enlists the help of his fast talking buddy Chet (Aziz Ansari) although naturally nothing quite goes to plan. The plot sounds as if it could be taken from a Lethal Weapon movie, which Fleischer certainly makes reference to in his own buddy movie.

What really makes 30 Minutes work is how Fleischer thrusts a bunch of very relatable characters an extraordinary situation. It is clear neither Nick nor Chet are built for a life of crime so seeing them put out of their depth is hilarious. In one such scene the two decide to steal a car off an old neighbour and the awkward theft that ensues has to be one of the worst robberies ever committed to celluloid.

Ruben Fleischer is very good at making genre movies, and just as he did justice to zombie horror with ZombieLand, he successfully pay homage to Shane Black’s buddy movies with 30 Minutes Or Less. It will be interested to now see if he can pull off a serious movie in the form of The Gangster Squad.

30 Minutes Or Less is a very entertaining 85 minutes, which thanks to great casting and a simple premise is well worth catching.

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