X for Vendetta – Projection Mapping

December 2011 saw the launch of the You Tube app on XBOX Live along with many others. With the recent leaps forward that the XBOX 360 has made, Front Row Reviews decided to create a special, projection mapped homage to the leader of the revolution in home entertainment… X for Vendetta.

It’s been almost 7 years since the first ever video was uploaded onto You Tube by one of it’s co-founders Jawed Karim. The video, shot in front of the elephant enclosure at San Diego zoo, featured Karim talking about long trunks. The 18 second clip, entitled ‘Me at the zoo‘ has clocked up 6,323,010 views so far.

TIME magazine named You Tube ‘Invention of The Year’ in 2006, only a year after it was launched. Not bad for a site that was conceived by three friends working at PayPal, who created it to host videos of a dinner party that were too large to email.

You Tube has come a long way since then and was the 3rd most visited website in 2011, beaten only by Google and Facebook. At the start of 2011, YouTube had 490 million unique users worldwide per month, who racked up an estimated 92 billion page views every month. You Tube’s combined users spend around 2.9 billion hours watching videos every month — over 325,000 years. And those stats are just for the main You Tube website, not including embedded videos or videos watched on mobile devices.

You Tube users create enough video content each week to make 60,000 feature length films – even though the site is still banned in many countries including China, Iran and Turkmenistan.

The last couple of years have seen an explosion in hits, with the increased use of smartphones and tablet computers. The most recent addition to the services offered from You Tube is availability to watch videos via your Xbox.

The most popular video of all time is no surprise – “Charlie bit my finger – again!” – with a ridiculous 408,469,594 million hits.

One of the more recent advances in You Tube’s services is the ability to stream the latest blockbuster movies direct to your computer, and now also to your Xbox 360. By linking your Xbox gamer-tag with a You Tube account, you can access your Watch Later, Playlists, Favorites, Subscriptions, and more.

The You Tube app has been optimized for the new Xbox 360 dashboard interface recently launched in December 2011 and runs videos in full screen mode, which is great for watching your favorite clips on the big screen. It is also compatible with the Kinect sensor so you can find videos using gestures and speech.

Bringing YouTube to the Xbox is all part of Microsoft’s recent drive to turn Xbox Live into a fully interactive entertainment experience. Alongside access to Netflix, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and many other on demand television services, the Xbox looks set to dominate the multimedia console scene in 2012.

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