Viggo Mortensen considered to appear in The Dark Tower

After many debates as to whether the project could even logistically be filmed, director Ron Howard has confirmed he is now considering who shall be cast in The Dark Tower: and his current choice is Viggo Mortensen. Howard, who is known for directing A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon and The Da Vinci Code amongst others, has stated he is currently thinking of using Mortensen as the lead protagonist Roland Deschain in his three part adaptation films.

The Dark Tower, an adaptation of Stephen King’s seven part fantasy fiction, focuses on the plight of  ‘Gunslinger’ Deschain on his quest towards the Dark Tower. The series of books are famed for their use of meta-textual  references, use of many genres and parallel worlds, as well as the enigmatic key character. Mortensen, best known for his role as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has been well received by fans as the actor to play Deschain. The film is currently awaiting the green light from Universal before it can begin production.

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  1. Charlotte Ranney

    The thought of these two great men working alongside each other is amazing. Viggo and Ron, a match made in movie heaven! Keeping my fingers crossed!


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