2 4 1 offer for Spielberg Season at BFI

spielberg‘[I aim to] enthrall, entertain, take people out of their seats…’
Steven Spielberg

Speilberg is an undeniable master at telling stories of fear and awe, from aliens to archaeologists to historical heroes and imagined futures. Rediscover these stories on the big screen this summer.

The first half of Spielberg’s career is especially rich with fantasy, asking us to surrender cynicism and enter his preferred receptive state: that of bedtime storytelling, even when wicked shocks (Duel, Jaws, WWII) booby-trap his filmography. His progression towards more ‘adult’ subject matter is maybe less key than eliding boundaries between fun and seriousness, fantasy and reality. Darker truths are to follow…

To enjoy 2 tickets for the price of 1 simply quote Spielberg241 when booking on line, in person or over the phone 0207 928 3232


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