Twilight: Eclipse Poster Arrives

The latest poster for The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse has arrived, and, to be brutally honest, it’s as dull as they come. Not that the poster has to try that hard to rake in the audiences, if you’re hooked already you’re going to be there till the very end, whilst if you’ve been left cold by the franchise so far, I highly doubt you’re going to be won round at this stage.

What we do have is the three young stars looking either very bored, very tired, or very angst-ridden (I’m-a gonna guess it’s that one) and they want us to know about it. Of course there’s the obvious symbolism here of Bella stuck inbetween her two beaus and then there’s the undercurrent of…nah, forget about it, they all look pretty don’t they.

Eclipse is released on June 30 and is directed by David Slade.

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