Tron Legacy Viral Campaign Starts Back Up

At last summer’s Comic-Con Disney launched their viral campaign for Tron Legacy, the long awaited sequel to 1982’s Tron. Since the brand new lightcycles were unveiled in San Diego all had gone quiet on Tron Legacy front but things seem to have kicked off again today with some interesting developments on suggesting an interesting few weeks ahead for fans of the cyber adventure.

The site showed a binary countdown (with over 8 days left at this point) with a list of cities, including London, listed below. Users registered to the site were then sent the following message:

To all those who passionately believe that Kevin Flynn, digital pioneer and legendary game designer, is still alive… LISTEN UP!

Our last event at Flynn’s Arcade was a call-to-arms for those of us who won’t buy into Encom-driven public propaganda about what happened. We’re not crazy – there’s more to this story than they are letting out.

Today, we have the chance to find out more… to get closer to the truth. WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We need operatives in 25 different cities around the world on Wednesday, February 24th. Organize now. For more information visit

Things seem to be moving extremely fast indeed so if you’re interested get over to the site and sign up. Tron Legacy will feature original stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner as well as new faces such as Garrett Hetlund, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen.

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