Tom Cruise reunites with Paramount for Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise is back for a fourth installment of Mission: Impossible. Starring as Ethan Hunt, Cruise is tasked with completing missions which are highly sophisticated and very dangerous. Comparable to Matt Damon’s Bourne Trilogy, the films have proved to be a big hit both sides of the water and another in the series could do well at the box office.

News of Tom Cruise signing up for Mission Impossible 4 comes as a big suprise to many news desks around the world given that he was dropped by Paramount in 2006 after 14 years of success with them. Paramount Studios dropped Cruise following controversy around public statements he made about Scientology and the use of Anti Depressant drugs.

After being kicked to the curb by Paramount, the A-lister setup the rebirth of United Artists, an 85 year old legacy with hit releases including Rocky, Pink Panther and James Bond. Four years on from the split, both Tom Cruise and Paramount seem to have put aside their differences and look to the mission ahead.

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